Lorsqu'un homme mange ,boit, jouit des resultats de son travail, c'est un Don de Dieu ....................

vendredi 19 février 2016


Greeting to you,
I hope this email met you in good health. It is my interest to contact strictly on a business basis as I have confidence in your company as a reputable organization and also an outstanding avenue for a possible business corporation.
I am one of the directors of a Bahrain based investment capital funding company, we are working on financing project owners and entrepreneurs who seek foreign investment to develop their projects.
Our company will be interested to discuss investment financing with your company in any current project you are undergoing that requires funding once it is from a lucrative sector.
We seek to know the possibility of going into investment discussion with you within your present scope of business.
If you are interested and willing to engage us for a more detailed discussion on the above mentioned proposal, I would be happy to hear from you as we are open to positive communication and collaboration.
I look forward to your profound response.
Best regards,
Eddy Haryono

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